Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to join?
It's complete free!  You can join here.
Do you offer free credits when I join?
Yes!  You'll receive 1,000 credits just for signing up!
How quickly can I start getting traffic?
Approval time typically takes about 24 hours.
What size banner do I need to have?
Our exchange only works with banners that are 468 x 60.
How do I get my banner linking code?
You will get your linking code once you have signed up.  Click on "Banner Code" once you are logged in.
How do I earn credits?
Our exchange ratio is 2:1 - Display 2 banners on your website and receive 1 banner display on another website in your category.
How many banners can I have on my account?
We currently have a banner limit of 5.  We'll randomly choose banners from your selection and display them on other member sites.
How do the categories work?
Signup in the category your site most applies to.  You'll only exchange banners with other members in that category.
Can I buy additional credits?
Yes, we allow you to purchase additional credits through
What statistics will I be able to view?
We provide you with complete account stats including individual banner stats.  This is includes credits, displays, click thru rates, incoming and outgoing traffic, etc.